The IUC-AdeKUS partner programme (Phase I)

Overall Academic Objective:
The focus is set in all six projects on transforming the Anton de Kom University (AdeKUS) from a primarily BSc-oriented education university to an accredited MSc-oriented research and education university.

Overall Development Objective:
AdeKUS wishes to act as a changing agent by improving the quality of the labour market, local institutes and industry in general, contributing in this way to the sustainable development of Suriname.

The Partner Programme enables AdeKUS to be strengthened at an institutional level with emphasis on personnel, infrastructure and research culture. Furthermore it will strengthen AdeKUS at an academic level with three internationally recognized MSceducation and research programmes in the areas of sustainable development, sustainable management of natural resources, and physical therapy.
During the implementation of the Partner Programme, AdeKUS will further evolve to an institute for highly qualified scientific education, research, and services to society in specific areas with the aim to improve the awareness and ultimately wellbeing of the people of Suriname.

The Partner Programme consists of six projects. Two projects focus on institutional capacity building and the other four on the master education and research programmes. Project 1 and Project 2 concentrate their activities at the start of the Partner Programme, as they have to improve the institutional context of the University. Project 3 will first define the content of the Master of Sciences programme on education for sustainable development. It aims to start its programme in October 2009. Project 4 and Project 5 will develop a Master of Sciences programme and aims to enroll the first students in October 2009. In Project 6 the current Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy study will be first evaluated and adapted.
This partnership with AdeKUS is coordinated by the Flemish coordinator, prof. A. Vervoort (K.U.Leuven) and the local coordinator, drs. A. Li Fo Sjoe. For the local coordination of the partner programme, a program support unit PSU) has been established. This is situated in the VLIR-IUC office and managed on a daily basis by the programme manager, assisted by administrative and financial staff.

Launching of the IUC Partnership with AdeKUS
On 2 June 2008, the IUC Partnership with Anton de Kom University was publicly launched in the presence of representatives of the Surinam government and various national and international stakeholders. During various key note addresses and speeches, both VLIR-UOS and the representatives of ADEKUS underlined the expectations in terms of the contributions of this programme to the strengthening of ADEKUS and the sustainable development processes in the country.

40th Anniversary of Anton de Kom University of Suriname.
On November 1st, 2008 AdeKUS celebrated its 40th year of existence. For more information visit

VLIR-OUS scholarships Programme
VLIR-OUS scholarships Programme and international study opportunities in the framework of Belgian university development cooperation.
See letter Mrs. K. Verbrugghen, VLIR-OUS Director in Documents and for more information please visit

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