Institutional Capacity Building linked to Administration, Management and Infrastructure

Jane Smith, Libraries [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Gerrit Janssens, UHasselt [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]

AdeKUS aspires to be a leading provider in the region of high quality academic research, education and services and thus, contributing to the sustainable development of Suriname.

Project 1 aims at institutional capacity building linked to administration, management and infrastructure. It is a key project for further professionalism at this university. The results of this project will benefit to projects 3 to 6 in succeeding their respective objectives. Aspects such as e-learning, upgrading of the ICT infrastructure (e-administration and expanded bandwidth), e-communication, up-to-date library facilities and e-library will all lead to a successful implementation of the Master of Sciences studies at AdeKUS.

In an environment with growing competition, higher demands are also made on human resources. Hence, continuous attention should be paid on the empowerment of employees and the improvement of their working environment. Special attention will be given to human resource development, to efficient online services and to the communication within the university community, as well as with external stakeholders.
These actions, based on firm and accepted policies, and implemented according to strategic plans, will enable AdeKUS to perform in an efficient and effective way, benefiting the university community and society at large.

* Tendering for an Integrated Information System at AdeKUS
A tendering was held for the design and implementation of an Integrated Information System at AdeKUS in February 2011. Based on the Terms of Reference, five (5) companies send in a tender, which was carefully evaluated by a team of experts of AdeKUS.

QUALOGY NV was selected for this activity. They have been selected to design and implement an IS at AdeKUS.
On March, 15th 2011 an agreement was signed between Qualogy NV and AdeKUS. By 2013, this system will be in place.

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