Master in Education and Research for Sustainable Development ( MERSD )

Many people are not familiar with the meaning of sustainable development, let alone the meaning of education for sustainable development. Therefore, they do not know how to stimulate their own development.
Often, policies are not aimed at all the different Suriname communities, but focuses on one single group. Educating a new generation of multi-disciplinary and multifunctional specialists will enable a better understanding of the concept of sustainable development.
Therefore, the development of a Master of Sciences programme on sustainable development forms the basis of Project 3. This will result in well-trained policy makers and other graduates, available for society.

MERSD is an academic program, which aims to train specialists in development. The training is therefore aimed at the student's scientific knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to enable him to formulate, analyze and implement policies independently in concrete situations. The MERSD is a research-oriented Master's program that focuses on people who can identify with the concept of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and who are prepared to use education for the development of knowledge and skills in service of sustainable development at all levels: personal, social, national and global. The MERSD focuses on bringing forth a development expert who is academically and practically-trained. This development expert uses different perspectives - trans disciplinary - to analyse the existing social structures and individual problems. To achieve this there are four pillars identified, on which this program is based on. They are as followed: Civic Participation, Community Development, Prevention Poverty Reduction and Self-employed Entrepreneurship.

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