Education and Research Programme in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources


The secretariat of the MSc in SMNR programme is located in Building 16 of the Faculty of Technology, Room 51-52. Distribution of books, lecturer notes, letters, marks of courses and other administrative works are handled by this secretariat. Opening hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 am to 14:00pm.

Lecture rooms and research facilities

The MSc programme in SMNR is organised at the Faculty of Technology at AdeKUS, building 16, room 71. The didactical room is equipped with a black board, white board, beamer, computer and wireless internet. Research facilities are offered by different institutes at the AdeKUS campus such as the different laboratories of the departments of the FTeW, the laboratories of FMeW and other relevant research institutes such as CELOS, the Hydraulic Lab, the Energy lab, and the Zoological Collection.

Computer room

Computer sessions are given in UCC at AdeKUS, building 7, room 3 - Palulu. This room is equipped with 25 pc’s, a colour A3 printer, a A4 laser (black) printer and a scanner, all for you to use free of charge. The Pc’s are also equipped with dedicated software. The computer room is available for students to do practical works or make assignments and reports, between 7.30-15.00 hr. The facilities can freely be used including printing. You have to register at the front desk if you want to use a pc in this room.


All books which support the education and research in SMNR are available at the AdeKUS library. These can be searched through: The library also has a worldwide network to other information sources such as foreign libraries and many international journals.

Lecture notes, books and software’s

Lecture notes, relevant course material (e.g. assignments) and software’s of the different courses can be required at the MSc programme coordinator or at the Moodle website ( Original books for each course are available in the AdeKUS library; 10 pieces per book. Students may copy these if they want. Lecture notes (e.g. ppt files) are provided by the lecturer. Visit the special SMNR collection in room 56, Building 16. A list of the required books will be sent to you. All required software’s are installed at UCC, Room 3-Palulu. The estimated costs for copies of books/handouts are about 1,500 SRD per year. Estimated costs for original books only are about 2,000 USD per year. You wish to have your own original book, place your order via

Communication of courses

Courses of the MSc programme in SMNR will be placed on the “AdeKUS Digitale Leeromgeving” via Students are requested to check this website regularly. At the beginning of the year, you will receive your Moodle passwords and uvs email address. For more information on moodle and email services, contact UCC at the AdeKUS campus (phone: 465558 # 4400, email:


A copy machine is available at the office of the secretariat for urgent and small number of copies (FTeW, building 16, room 51).

Request of letters

Students who require letters of their marks or registration should send their request to: All other general enquiries should be addressed to the programme coordinator in the first instance, unless students prefer to discuss matters with the student dean.


All announcements about the MSc in SMNR programme (e.g. start of courses, examinations) in the form of a time table (excel file) will be sent to you by email. You are required to open an email address. Students are also asked to check their email regularly since this medium will be used for important information about the programme, submission of course work, calls for meetings, etc. After registration you will receive your AdeKUS ID card, moodle account and AdeKUS email address.


Many students may wish to seek financial assistance to cover all, or part, of the costs of this programme. The N.O.B. offers possibilities to finance your registration and tuition fee.

Time of lectures and examinations

Courses are given from Monday to Friday from 13.00 till 17.30 hour including breaks. Excursions may be organized in the weekends. A detailed teaching timetable is issued via e-mail at the beginning of the academic year. Any timetable alterations are notified via email. Examinations are taken from 8.00-11.00 hour in Room 71 at FTEW. June is the examination period and October the re-examination period. September is holiday. Notice that some courses only offer one exam per year.

Evaluation of courses and programme

Evaluation assessments are organized annually with students and lecturers.


Graduation takes place according to the guidelines of the FTeW in corporation with the FTeW master examination committee. Two or four times a year you can receive the master Bul. After graduation, we will keep the alumni informed about new developments in this programme e.g. short courses. You will also receive the annual report of the MSc in SMNR programme. Holders of a MSc degree in SMNR can apply for a PhD study at the FTeW-SMNR.

Meet our Staff

Riad Nurmohamed
Riad Nurmohamed Phd
Patrick Willems
Prof. Dr. Ir. Patrick Willems
External Programme Coordinator
Kimberley Fung-loy
Kimberley Fung-Loy MSc
Course Secretary

Usha Satnarain
Usha Satnarain MSc
Research Assistant

Robert Kross
Dr. Robert Kross
Member Examination Committee
Accredited by NOVA, 2015-2021

MSc in SMNR office

Faculty of Technology | Anton de Kom University of Suriname
Leysweg 86, POB 9212, Suriname  | Building 16, Room 52
Phone: (597)465558 #2355, 2357 | Mob/App/SMS: 8500283

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