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The Master of Science programme in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (MSc-SMNR) including openings year 2009-2010, was launched on: Friday, December 11, 2009 in the Faculty of Graduate Studies (IGSR-Staatsolie Building), AdeKUS complex, Leysweg.



Dr. A. Li Fo Sjoe (acting chairman of the AdeKUS board) welcoming the guests during the launch

J. Toelsie Ph.D. presenting a PR-poster to the student 2009-2010 representative, Mrs. C. Landburg B.Sc. 



8.15 hr          Registration

8.30 hr          Welcome and opening remarks: by Programme coordinator, R. Nurmohamed Ph.D

8.35 hr          Greetings and remarks:

                      * Acting chairman of the Board of AdeKUS and Local coordinator of the VLIR-AdeKUS-IUC programme, Drs. A. Li Fo Sjoe

                      * Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Ir. H. Martinus

                        Openings address:

                     * The Hon. Dr. G. Rusland (Minister of Natural Resources)

 9.00 hr          Background of VLIR-AdeKUS-IUC Project 4 & 5

                      "Masters Education and Research programme on Sustainable Management of Natural Resources" (SMNR)

                       by Prof. A. Vervoort

 9.20 hr          Presentation of the Master of Science programme in SMNR

                       by J. Toelsie Ph.D.

9.40 hr          Word of thanks and Presentation MSc-SMNR programme map to:

                       The Hon. Minister, Chairman AdeKUS, Dean of FTeW, Dir. IGSR

                        by R. Nurmohamed Ph.D.

9.50 hr          Break (snacks and beverages)

10.30 hr        Video "Natural Wonders of the Caribbean, 2005": coral reefs, karst landscapes, waterfalls, mangrove swamps and rainforest in the Caribbean,

                       by NIHERST and CCST

11.30 hr       Opening lecture "A cross-cutting issue in Natural Resources Management"

                      by Dr. P. Ouboter

12.00 hr       Closing remarks (1ste session)

                      by R. Nurmohamed Ph.D

12.15 hr       Lunch

13.00 hr      Start 2nd session

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